Little Things for

Vogue Portugal

Editorial for @vogueportugal titled 'Little Things' in August issue 2020 and online
Drinking a cup of coffee on the terrace of a coffee shop. To go into a dressing room with half a dozen clothes. To sit in a restaurant. On a park bench. On a shallow wall with a view of the ocean. Going to a supermarket without having a rush hour all day long. Dip your toes in a pool at a guesthouse, a hotel, on Airbnb. Freedom is in the details. And after quarantine, this truth is even more heartfelt. Let's not let it become dimmer and forget the time when moving around meant only stretching in the backyard, hugs were only to objects and the closest you had to lay on the grass was that green duvet cover over the bed.
Thank you very much to the great team for creating 'Little Things' with us !
Art Direction,Production & Casting: Eaux | Studios
Photographer: Per Florian Appelgren @ SNÆTCH Management
Videography: Levien Priem
Styling: Benjamin Aerts @ EE Agency
MUAH: Emmy Klomp @ EE Agency
Talent: Loes @ Super Model Management