Resilience for

Elle Hungary

Editorial for Elle Hungary titled 'Resilience' in the November issue 2020 and online (Published under the name: Modern Nostalgia)
Resilience is the creation of meaning in life even when it's sometimes painful or absurd, and having the courage to live fully despite its inherent discomfort and futility. To overcome difficult situations we have to believe in oneself and yet also believe in something larger than oneself. This is the only way to ride the waves of adversity rather than being pulled by the torrent. This story explores the beauty of rising up every time we fall and pays homage to the black community that has been resilient during the fight for equality.
Thank you very much to the great team for creating ‘Resilience' with us!
Art Direction, Production & Casting: Eaux | Studios
Photography: Per Florian Appelgren at SNÆTCH Management
Photography Assistant: Lukas Wiegand
Direction, Cinematography, Edit & Grading: Ebeneza Blanche
Cinematography Assistant: Gyatso Davids
Styling: Gino Gurrieri
Styling Assistant: Deion Simon
MUAH: Sophie Wortelboer at House of Orange
Models: Tyvanni at Code Management, Adama at Models Rock Agency, Godé at SUPER Model Management